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Steadfast Color Scheme

An easy-on-the-eyes color scheme for the everyday coder. Soft colors and reasonable contrast make it a great choice in any light. Built for SublimeText and TextMate. 

Serious Bites (Retired - Version 2 In Progress)

An aggregator of the internet’s best recipes; sourced from trusted food bloggers. Serious Bites provides an effortless way to browse and search for high quality recipes, while honoring the creative efforts of the original authors.


Frustrated with Washington? So are countless others. Simpolfy is a platform for political change that engages voters by providing critical insights and personalized reporting on the most important aspects of society. Keep track of how representatives actually represent their constituency and rally community support around ballot measures, bills, issues, and candidates. 

Keep It Alive (Project Pegasus)

Few things are more important than our ability to communicate freely - saying what we want to whom we want without reprisal. In an effort to help keep this right alive, I have created the open source project Pegasus. It's a proof of concept for a no-nonsense web communication service aimed at allowing people to talk privately and securely.

LionPatch (Retired)

The magic of the internet has brought us fantastic ways to communicate, share, and organize. But it has often come at the cost of our privacy, our attention spans, and our ability to make true connections with those we care about.  LionPatch takes a different route - focusing on meaningful, deliberate communication and dead simple privacy.  Skip the junk, focus on what's important, and build better relationships with your friends.

Core Image

A Ruby wrapper for Apple's Core Image technology. Written to greatly simplify the task of programatically manipulating images on the Mac. This gem allows developers to easily scale, crop, flip, rotate, convert, tint, and overlay images on the fly without reinventing the wheel.