Simple employee evaluation software anyone can use. Trakstar helps your organization manage feedback, goals and reviews. You can build customized appraisal forms, set SMART goals, and create flexible workflows to meet the needs of your organization.


Simpolfy is making politics as easy as possible so that people actually engage. Citizens can take stances on important issues and then Simpolfy takes care of the rest. They tell the appropriate representatives every time legislation comes up that affects the issue, they keep people informed as to new developments, and right before the election, they grade each of the candidates based on those issues so people can make the most informed decision at the voting booth.


Where micro-finance loans meet eager individuals looking to make a difference for themselves, their family, and their country, Vittana is there to help provide opportunity and to wage battle against inadequate access to education.


Advertising research at its best. Ameritest is a small but passionate company using groundbreaking psychology to guide companies into a smarter, more useful marketing mindset. With an eye to the future, their advanced methodologies evolve along with the advertising landscape, allowing them to provide insights where others cannot.


Home of the Cougars - a hard-working, prideful bunch that defines the meaning of determination and spirit. Washington State University is a leader in many fields - from Veterinary Science to Communications to Management Information Systems.